Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide a safe place for families to live and work.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office will work hard to provide quality law enforcement in a firm and courteous manner.

Butler County is our home and we must protect it.

Butler County Sheriff Office

Appreciation Luncheon
A huge "Thank You" to Jeff and Brad from Farmer's Insurance for grilling lunch for the Sheriff's Department today.
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Fisk Middle School Appreciation Breakfast
A big thank you goes out to Fisk Middle School for the appreciation breakfast put on for Law Enforcement.
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Gift Basket from Poplar Bluff Regional
Thank you Poplar Bluff Regional for the gift basket to honor our Law Enforcement Officers.
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Poplar Bluff Back To School Fair
The Butler County Sheriff's Office participated in the 2016 Poplar Bluff back to school fair held Thursday, August 18 at the Black River...
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200 Phillip Kearbey Blvd., Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901
Phone: (573) 785-8444 | (573) 785-8445 | (573) 785-8446
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