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Holiday and Vacation Safety Tips
During the holidays many people decide to take a vacation or leave town to visit family. This is a time to make memories that last a life-time. We don't want one of those memories to be that your house was broken into while you were away. Below are some of the things that we have found helpful to families that are going to be away from their home.

1) Always leave a light on – you can also put this particular light on a timer so that it goes on and off at different times.
2) Try to keep a vehicle in the driveway. This gives the appearance that someone is home.
3) Have someone in charge of picking up your mail and your newspaper.
4) If your not going to be away for a long time you might consider keeping the television on or a radio.
5) Keep boats, trailers, four-wheeler, lawn-mowers, etc. secured and out of sight.
6) Let your neighbors and family know that you will be away and when you will be returning.
7) If it's Christmas time don't put items of high value under the tree – at this time of year a lot of homes are broken into to get the presents.

You can have the Butler County Sheriff's Department run extra patrol while you are away by contacting us at 785-8444. Be sure to have your correct 911 address posted on your mailbox.


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